Cleaning and care

Like everything you love, our jewelry also needs you to take care of it.

Tips for you to enjoy them for a long time:

  • Store the jewels separately in their cloth bag and/or in their box.
  • Do not expose your jewelry to chemical products such as perfumes, creams, chlorine, etc.
  • The jewels can be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap, simply rubbing gently with your fingers. Stiff jewelry can be cleaned gently using a natural bristle toothbrush. Do not use a brush to clean chain jewelry as it could snag and disturb the fabric. Make sure they are perfectly dry before storing them.
  • Do not constantly expose your jewelry to sunlight, salt or chlorinated water, or high temperatures.
  • When putting on rigid bracelets or rings, try not to force them too hard so they last longer.
  • The movement of the chains, the irregularity and asymmetry of the woven jewels are part of its beauty. However, prevent them from rubbing against or getting caught in rigid elements that can break or deform the chain.