Our company concept is based on environmental sustainability, social responsibility and local crafts. We seek to take sensible steps today to leave a better future for generations to come.

All our jewels are made by ourselves or in nearby artisan workshops. No piece is exactly the same as another.

We make sure that all the materials and processes we use are sustainable and, as far as possible, we recycle and reuse.

We reduce our waste. We make very few pieces of each model. We design our parts to make the most of the materials we use with a minimum of waste.

We reuse the stock turning it into new, more beautiful and appetizing jewels. We recover old necklaces to create new pieces.

All the metals we use are recycled or reused at least 95%.

We want a better planet, that's why our jewelry is timeless.


We take care of the way you receive our jewelry trying to minimize the packaging material that is made with recyclable and/or reusable materials. We would like you to keep the linen bags to store your jewelry. It is the best way to take care of them.