How do we do it

We approach metals delicately weaving. Combining the strength of the material with the sensitivity of the hand. Each piece is different and they all tell a story. Our jewelry is deliberately imperfect because it is handmade and because of the nature of the materials. It is fascinating to observe the slowness with which we weave our thoughts. We want to bring a little beauty to our lives.


Inspiration comes from reading a poem, contemplating a painting or nature. It is a process of visual synthesis based on the conceptual.


Sometimes we make sketches or take note of an idea, sometimes we make the prototype directly. Ideas are not always valid when turning them into an object. We often erase, cross out and throw away and sometimes the magic happens and we get a light piece that adapts well to the body and that we like. From there we began to make the jewelry.

In the workshop

Once the prototype was obtained, we took out the pattern and began to weave. When the piece is finished, we add the closures, stones, etc. We need about seven or eight days to complete each jewel.

in the foundry

The castings are made by artisan jewelers in Córdoba who have been passing on their knowledge for several generations. All are finished in our workshop.

We make the pieces one by one by hand using, as far as possible, recycled materials, dedicating a lot of time so that you can enjoy your jewelry for years.